Saturday, April 22, 2006

a few pictures from activate the park special thanks toappropiate apparel!

Here are some pictures from the event
sorry they are late
special thanks to appropiate apparel for the donation to the make a wish foundation of canada!
i hope everyone has a GREAT SUMMER
much love barbie

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One Last Award - And it goes to Pimp My Ride!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ideas come from life - the first ice cream cone

It says the first ice cream cone is invented when Charles Menches went out of plates while he was saling ice cream at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. He looked around and saw his friend, Ernest Hamwi, saling the middle-east snack Zalabia and then inspired within. Charles Meches rolled the Zalabia in a cone shape and put the ice cream on top. That's how the first ice cream cone begins =)
Later on, Ernest Hamwi became the owner of Comucopia Waffle.

In my opinion, i truely believe ideas come from life. It is the observations and the anylasis of what's lack and what's needed inspire the most innovative ideas. Ideas do not come from textbooks. Textbooks give you certain amount of knowledge and theory of how to do design, but... that's all. Ideas come from the freedom and the free explorations. It is the process of trying, thinking and more of trying and thinking. It is the long process of keep trying and thinking. It is about breaking the restrictions, in some extent. It is not doing or making the "that's how it should be", "that's what most people do" or "it is save to do this" (or "this is what the prof likes" =P).

i just found that interesting:

i read the content, but it doesn't directly say why "if you don't like lava lamp, you're afraid of sex." It just says if you understand "drugs and sex never separate" you should understand why Edward Craven Walker - the inventor of lava lamp - says "if you don't like lava lamp, you're afraid of sex." I think it is related with the culture at the time being. Lava lamp is invented in the 1960s, it is when drugs and parties are very commoned. Lava lamp is also a common decoration in parties and it helps with the dizzy-effect when a person take drug. on the other hand, the tv show such as The Avengers, The Prisoner and Dr.Who also put the lava lamp in their show. Therefore, lave lamp is possibly influenced the people unconsciously like advertising and become an ideological object associated with the idea of partying and drugs. Moreover, lava lamp is very popular in the 1960s-1970s.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nike's design process/thinking process

Please feel free to ask for translation or can anyone help to translate it

I think the most important ideas about design is stated on the first page. "Consider history. Consider present. Consider future." Any design has an audience to address to, therefore it is very important to think of the human factors. On the other hand the history, the present, and the future are also very important. The history tells us what other people have previously done, and therefore we can learn and modify the idea/concept into a better design. The present, and our enviornment or the culture tells us what's needed or the trend for our target audience(s). The future is for us to create from the new, innovative and improved design with the considerations of the total custumer/user's phsyical and emotional experiences and as well as the material - the enviornmental issue. The magazine says "Consider effor. Consider rewards. Consider passion. Consider feeling. Consider consequences. Consider waste. Consider design. Consider innovations. Consider solutions."

A payment system developed with a Octopus Card in HongKong for transportation, shopping, and etc.

The system only requires 0.3 second from its beginning to its end.

[The interaction begins as the Octopus Card touch the Octopus Card reader] --> [local system receiver] --> [company's master receiver] --> [Octopus's master receiver]

The total interaction is completed within 0.3 second.

The feedback of a success payment is a "beep".

The different Octopus readers at different locations.

The Octopus card is applicable for bus, subway, and other transporations payment.

using Octopus Card to shop in market

Other areas that Octopus card is effective.

Other Services:
- Parking lot
- Retail (eg. convenien store, supermarket, fastfood resturant, etc.)
- Self-serviced facilities (eg. pay phone, etc)
- Entertaining facilities (eg. swimming pool, etc.)
- School
- Security System

Side products of Octopus.

Award to the Big Bang

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Congratulations to the Big Bang team...

The Looper's Website

Take a look at The Looper's website!

We have lots of Activate the Park photos, and will soon be adding video.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sense and the City website

check it out!!!

the official Sense and the City website is here!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

FITC Toronto 2006 (April 21-23)

"Founded and directed by Shawn Pucknell, FITC has been operating since 2002 to bring you events in the design and technology world.

Now entering its fifth year, FITC is the only Canadian Festival of its kind; combining cutting edge technical speakers with inspirational creative speakers from around the world. Even on the global stage, FITC stands as an original event. Each year, FITC has broadened its programming range to grow with its widening audience and appeal to a larger audience. FITC attracts attendees and award entrees from around the world.

FITC has three goals - to INSPIRE, to EDUCATE, and to CHALLENGE, all within the Design & Technology space. This is accomplished by assembling the leaders and shakers within the industry, and presenting them through presentations, panels, Q&A sessions, workshops, evening mixers, and the FITC Design & Technology award show."


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Photos from Break The Law

'twas a fabulous day. . . thanks to everyone.


'twas a great day. . .

Friday, April 07, 2006

And the award goes to....

After much discussion and debate, we, the Graffti class have decided that we are going to award...


with the much coveted but rarley attained...

BEST GANG award!


Your interaction brought the park to life, and included everyone that heard it.

As your Prize, we as a class have compiled a box of trophies that are available to you in the Interaction Design classroom, underneath the memory map.

Feel free to come by and pick up your awards! Pick one award only!

Congratulations once again,

Bardia, on behalf of

Mike and Jesse’s Principles of Interaction Design class

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Most Eco-UNfriendly award goes to...

... the Break the Law/Make Art project.
Although it's a really cool project and has a great impact, the Food Fighters have decided to award you "the most eco-unfriendly" award. On your behalf, the food fighters have donated $20 to T.E.A. (Toronto Environmental Association).
Your award certificate is on display in room 1420.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Activate the Park! more pics

Here are some more. . . .enjoy!

Activate the Park

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